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What is Little App?

Little App is the #1 Lifestyle App in India for deals on food, drinks, spas, activities and much more. With over 100+ exclusive partnerships with pan India brands and chains and 2.5 Million+ customers, it definitely getting bigger as you read this.

Who is an Influencer?

Any person who has a significant effect on people’s decision can be termed as an influencer. Do you have it in you?

Am I eligible to be an influencer?

Are you a social influencer? Love to eat? Love trying out the latest fashion? Thinking about visiting the best spa all day long? Have a good following on social media or even your own blog? Look no further, Little App now brings you the opportunity to become an influencer!

Do I get paid?

The best part? You can earn big bucks too! We are strictly against anyone working for free, all of our influencers get monetary gratifications apart from truckloads of other goodies!

How do I start?

It’s very simple, you can become an influencer within no time at all. We would require a few of your details to begin with. Click here!
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